When Bedsclick is not used



Bedsclick is an online B2B reservation platform providing technological solutions to turism and travel agencies and a single data service which enables travel agencies to reach different bed bank providers, make comparison and reservation, and purchase as well.

  • You will have to search each service provider through different tabs.
  • You will have to waste too much time in comparising prices and trying to find the best price.
  • You can not check availability through more than one service provider at once.
  • Since you don’t have authorization to enter service providers, you can not make a search and benefit from adventageous prices provided by the service providers that have better prices.
  • You have to overcome the complicated and everlasting procedures, and make different contracts for each of them.
  • You have to accept the cash payments arising from different deposit policies of each service provider.
  • If you want to use your own software, you have to achieve seperate xml/api integrations for each service provider.


We follow all the latest sectoral developments precisely and provide quality services by adding our own interpretation. We build trust and credibility with our customers, and launch our projects based on our customers’ trust.

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